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Why "Moorcrofts"?

Moorcrofts has been an idea long in the making...

We have waited many years to bring our business to life.  We are two childhood friends who grew up as neighbours and spent countless conversations growing up using that well-known phrase "Just imagine one day if...?"

And here we are, neither of us quite believing that our dream has actually come to fruition.  Andrew has many years of experience, managing various catering establishments and working for Lancashire County Council.  Michael has been a Primary School teacher in Lancashire for over 25 years.


Both of us are looking forward to welcoming you through our doors at the start of this new and exciting adventure.  Our philosophy will always be to use only the best ingredients to handmake our cakes, desserts and biscuits.

And why "Moorcrofts"?

This is the name of the road we both grew up on, where this journey began.

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